The Story of the Patient Man

Once upon a time there was a man. This man was not always the most patient guy around. It took him many years to gradually learn to be more patient. One weekend, after being married to his wife for 17 years, he had the ultimate test of his new-found patience.

His wife had bought him a brand-new snow blower for Christmas the prior year. Because there were no major snowstorms after Christmas, the brand-new snow blower sat shiny and new in the garage for 11 months.

Finally, a large snow storm came. The man and his wife were so excited to try out the new snow blower. They hurried home and put on their snow gear. They went out to the garage and admired the shiny new snow blower. It was definitely large enough to handle this major snow storm!

The man went to find the key to the snow blower. His wife was certain that she had left it on a small shelf in the garage, but it was not there. The man wasn't sure why his wife had even taken the key out of the snow blower in the first place, but he quietly and calmly searched the garage with her to find the key.

After searching for 45 minutes, the man gave up. He pulled out his snow shovel, and with a sore back began shoveling the driveway. At 2 a.m. he went to bed. At 6 a.m. he got up and shoveled the whole driveway again.

The shiny new snow blower was still shiny. The man did not get mad at his wife for misplacing the key. In fact, he did not say one word to her about it. Even when she insisted that she would shovel the driveway, he would not let her. He smiled and hugged her and was VERY patient.

The Story of the Patient Man, Part II:

This same man was also very patient when his wife tried to save money on their Direct TV. She cancelled their current plan and added only the Family Plan and a Sports Package, thinking she could save money and still make the kids and her husband happy.

The next day the man realized that ESPN and the MTN were not part of the Sports Package (Go figure?). The wife realized that she needed to change the plan back to the old one, but Direct TV said she would need to call Qwest to do it. Qwest was not open on the weekends.

The wife kept forgetting to call, and then the next weekend snuck up on her. The man still did not have his favorite sports channels. The wife realized that the Utah Football game was on, and the man did not get to watch it. The man never told her. He just tried to smile and still hugged her and was VERY patient.

It made the wife realize how much patience her husband had gained over 17 years when these incidents both happened on the same weekend. The man is a very patient man.

And his wife loves him dearly for it!

I love you, Matt!! You are the best!! - Aimee


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