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Lessons from 2009

I think it is good to be reflective and figure out the things we learn in life. Although these are somewhat personal, I thought I'd share my "list" of the things I learned during 2009.

1. You can't change people. This is one of the greatest lessons I learned this year. For some reason I thought I could give people feedback or do things to make them change. I FINALLY learned that the only person I can ever change is me.

2. Money and things do not buy happiness. I tried to remodel my home during a period of emotional strife. I was looking for happiness. Although I love my new paint, carpet, etc., I realized how truly empty that stuff is. It did not make me any happier. Happiness comes from within.

3. Having a good renter is worth it's weight in gold. Sheesh! Maybe I should re-word that -- Having a renter that actually pays rent, doesn't sublease your house to drug dealers, and doesn't have dogs that tear up your house and yard... is awesome!

4. There really…