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My Life-Changing Trip to Little Rock

I ran across this journal entry from a few months ago. It details my trip to Arkansas for one of Aubree's surgeries. You may want to read about Aubree's diagnosis first, just to get the background.
I thought I would share it, even though it is kind of long...

Yesterday I took Aubree to the Hearing and Balance Center for a hearing test (normal) and to meet with the therapist there. This therapist did all kinds of balance and motor skill testing. She had seen Aubree about two or three years ago and remembered her. She also checked her eyes and vestibular. I find myself wanting to forget about the stuff we’ve gone through. Appointments like this one are few and far between now and I think I must suppress many of my emotions about our medical situation. During and after this appointment, I cried. It just evokes many memories and the reality of the situation. I think I cry mostly because I am grateful for our outc…

Tracing Hands

Yesterday at church I was sitting next to Marcus (6), tracing the lines in his palm.

I said, "Why do you think those lines are there?"

He replied, "When Jesus made me, that is where he sewed me up."

Changing the school rule at a time

For the past couple of years I have heard complaints from my kids about the Principal's lunch rule. The rule says that you have to sit down as you get your food and cannot save seats for your friends. My kids call it "Assigned Seating."

"Oh, Mom," Aubree (10) has said, "can't you PLEEEEASE talk to the Principal?"

She argues that lunch should be her time to be social, chat amongst friends, and enjoy her break from school work. I have to agree with her. After months of complaints, I finally told her that I had to "choose my battles" with the school. I was not willing to go to bat for her on that issue. I had already fought for water to be served in the cafeteria, a bus to take neighbor kids to school, and other assorted items. I finally told her, "Either stop complaining, or do something about it."

Well, imagine my surprise (and delight) when she came home from school a few weeks ago with a petition -- complete with a clipboard. …