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Junior High and the Dead Turtle

I just took my son to junior high registration today. It is totally freaking me out that I have a kid this old!

It was fun because Tyler is going to the same junior high school that I went to. When we got his class schedule, he has the same science teacher that I had, so we walked to Mr. Spring's classroom to say, "Hi."

Mr. Spring remembered me... not because I was a fabulous student... not because I would bring him his favorite brand of Eggnog at Christmas time. He remembered me because I killed his turtle.

One day in science he got out his turtles for us to play with while he left the room. The one I had suddenly took off running. (Yes, he was "running" -- for a turtle.) He fell off the desk and I panicked. Because I couldn't get him to come back out of his shell, I decided to drop him back in his aquarium to see if the water would "wake him up."

Well, apparently the water didn't wake him up, but rather made him drown. Ooops!

Mr. Spring wasn…

The Kohl's Dressing Room

The other night Matt and I were on a date. We went to dinner and on the way home I told him I needed to exchange some things at Kohl's, my favorite department store. Matt rolled his eyes and said, "Really? On our date??" Alas, he could not foresee that HE would be the one enjoying the date at Kohl's more than anyone else (or would he??? Bwaaaahaaaahaaa!)...

Once we got there he started browsing. Matt does not generally enjoy shopping, but once he starts browsing, look out! He ended up buying a couple of new suits and several outfits. He really needed them, so it was a productive date. (And who doesn't LOVE a productive date?)

At Kohl's the dressing rooms are not marked. They do not say, "Women's Dressing Room," or "Men's Dressing Room," or anything like that. I figure that if they don't spell it out, then it's a free-for-all for anyone who wants to try on items. We were in the Men's clothing section, but I went in the …

Riding a children's bike to get free stuff

I have completely humiliated myself.

Today my neighbor, Michelle called. She invited me to look through some hand-me-downs. Michelle is an avid shopper and her hand-me-downs are AWESOME!! I said I'd be there in a few minutes and off I went...

I stepped into my garage. There sat my favorite mini-van and some bikes. Michelle does not live too far away, so I could've just walked, but I was in a hurry. I couldn't bring myself to use expensive gas on a trip down the street, so I opted for a bike.

I looked over the assortment of bikes. All the bikes that fit me had flat tires, so I chose my son's bike. "It's just for two minutes," I thought. No one will notice.

I hopped on his little bike and rode down the street. I guess it's that whole thing of how we still feel young in our brains, even when we get old. It wasn't until I had turned the corner out of my cul-de-sac that it occurred to me how utterly ridiculous I looked. Luckily I didn't run into an…