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The Story of the Patient Man

Once upon a time there was a man. This man was not always the most patient guy around. It took him many years to gradually learn to be more patient. One weekend, after being married to his wife for 17 years, he had the ultimate test of his new-found patience.

His wife had bought him a brand-new snow blower for Christmas the prior year. Because there were no major snowstorms after Christmas, the brand-new snow blower sat shiny and new in the garage for 11 months.

Finally, a large snow storm came. The man and his wife were so excited to try out the new snow blower. They hurried home and put on their snow gear. They went out to the garage and admired the shiny new snow blower. It was definitely large enough to handle this major snow storm!

The man went to find the key to the snow blower. His wife was certain that she had left it on a small shelf in the garage, but it was not there. The man wasn't sure why his wife had even taken the key out of the snow blower in the first place, bu…

Things that make me smile

Here are a few things that made me smile over the past few days:

1. I saw Avatar for the first time last night. I told Matt, "Wow, that movie was a lot better than I expected." Truly, it was. Maybe my expectations had been set pretty low, but it was a really good flick.

2. In Stake Conference on Sunday, I looked over and Marcus had smuggled crocheting supplies into Aubree's bag. He was happily crocheting a hat with a loom. Yarn was swooped across the floor. Not sure if that is an appropriate church activity, but why not? If I let him color during church, why not crochet?

3. I was driving Aubree home from dance one night. In a completely incredulous way she said, "Mom, do you know that girls think Tyler is cute?" I couldn't help it and busted up at that. It was said like that thought had never occurred to her before.

4. Ah, my husband... he has done several things for me over the past few days that made me smile. One in particular was making sure the entire …