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My Dearest Aubree...

My dearest Aubree,

You'll never know how emotional your 6th grade promotion was for me. My heart swelled with pride, gratitude and love.

When you were in the hospital as a 2 year old, I remember wondering if you would ever make it through elementary school. We didn't know how long we would have you with us.

Then there were times that we wondered if you would have the mental capacity to be in a regular school, to be able to read like a normal child. We didn't know if you would ever re-learn how to walk again... to run and climb like a child should.

Your determination and motivation proved us wrong time and time again.

Although receiving awards for your good grades and citizenship were awesome and impressive, I think my most proud moment was when you received the National Physical Fitness award. I wanted to give you a standing ovation. I wanted to yell and cheer and tell all the parents around me how hard that was for you to accomplish. Instead I sat there quietly with tears…