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We are not pet people. Matt is allergic to pretty much any animal (hamsters and horses top the list). We have made it very clear to our children that we will never own a pet with fur. Secretly, I like to use Matt's allergies as an excuse to say, "No" to my children. I know every mother hears the incessant whining for a pet, but the whining in this house doesn't last long with the whole allergy excuse.

Matt and I get kind of freaked out by the thought of a dirty animal roaming our house. Now I know there are plenty of clean freaks out there who own pets. My friend, Kimberly, opened my eyes to this. I realize it can be done.

Matt made a statement one day that solidified my pet stance. "I shower every day," he stated. "I am a clean person who brushes my teeth, wipes when I use the toilet, and even uses deodorant." He goes on, "If I ever sat naked on your furniture, you would burn it, so I can't figure out why people let their dirty animals d…