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My Baby Turned 5!

I have cried over the past few months, every time I think about my baby turning 5. Funny enough, his birthday came and went and now I don't cry anymore. I guess it doesn't feel that different now that he is officially 5. If I think about taking him to kindergarten next year, that is another story!

Caleb was with me through an interesting journey. During his pregnancy I had some mini strokes and was taken to the emergency room for loss of speech and numbness. Through many tests, they found that I had a hole in my heart and needed a PFO closure with heart surgery. Matt was a little freaked out, but other than worrying about my 5-month-old fetus, I was fine. They monitored Caleb through the anesthesia, just as they monitored me. Everything went just fine, but I still worried that the medications and stuff would affect him. It truly was a bonding moment for us, as we lay in the hosital, recovering from surgery.

On the day Caleb was born, we were so happy that he was a healthy baby…