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Easter Eggs and Aubree's Antics

We have fun Easter traditions, one of which is to do the egg hunt. We have a whole plan to make egg hunting fair. We have plastic Easter eggs for each kid in their designated color. We thought we were so smart for thinking this up. Then the older kids don't find all the easy eggs that the younger kids were meant to find. Then nobody is yelling and crying because they didn't get as many. Then no one freaks out because someone started looking 10 seconds before they did. (Oh no, that has NEVER happened in our house!) Anyway, Aubree gets pink eggs, Tyler gets green, Marcus gets blue and Caleb gets yellow. What a great plan! Each kid has 23 eggs hidden this year. Wow, aren't we so smart for thinking this up? Well, my boys are all color blind to some extent. Mostly the browns, greens, and yellows look the same, and the purple and blues look the same. Apparently on Easter ALL the colors look the same. Matt and I sat in the family room watching them hunt. Every two seconds someone…