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Funny Kids

Isn't it great that we have kids to make us laugh? Here are a few quips from this past week:

Aubree (10) was tending the two little boys for about 45 minutes until I could get Tyler (12) home from piano institute. The boys had just gotten dropped off from swimming lessons and were supposed to change their clothes. Aubree had been grounded from watching T.V. She called me and said, "Mom, I don't know what to do with these boys! They are driving me crazy." I asked her what they were doing. "They are running around naked and chasing me with knives and stuff. If I could only turn on the T.V., I think it would help calm them down." Although I could read the lack of fear in her voice, I called my next-door neighbor, Donni, and asked her to run over and see if Aubree needed some help. She called me and said the kids were riding bikes, everyone was fully dressed, and seemed happy. Hmmm... They probably were naked at some point -- when they were changing. The knife …