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Movies, Popcorn and Barf

On New Years Day, Matt and I took the kids to a movie. It reminded me of a funny thing that happened at a theater once a few years ago.

We went to see The Chronicles of Narnia at Jordan Commons. I left the theater to buy some popcorn during the previews. In the hallway area, they had a small concession stand. I handed the girl my money and asked for a large popcorn, which she filled and set down on the counter. The second the popcorn hit the counter, she turned to the side and just started hacking and vomiting EVERYWHERE. (Wouldn't you think that with huge popcorn containers sitting there, that you would grab a bucket or something? Maybe I'm the only one who thinks of things like that.) Anyway, I said, "Let me get you some help." I immediately went over to the ticket-taker and said, "The girl at that concession stand is barfing everywhere." He looked flustered and told me he'd get some help, but then looked at the line up of people getting ready to hand…