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Sacrament Meeting Antics

I think even when they are 33 and 35, my two youngest boys will still be called, "the little boys." Tyler is the big boy, and he and Aubree are only 20 months apart. Because of the four year gap between "the oldest two" and "the little boys," our family has been subdivided a little. It works out well for "the oldest two," when we decide to take them on a trip to Washington D.C. or something. (The little boys will get their turn in five years or so.)

So this last week at church, I felt like my little boys were a bit out of control. They are best buds, and enjoy each other immensely, but sometimes they can be rambunctious and irreverent. (I always have wondered if one of them had been a girl, how that would've calmed things down.)

I would like to share a list of the things that have happened in Sacrament Meeting over the past month or so. These boys are now 8 and 6:

1. Upon finding a Spanish hymn book, my little boys proceed to point out the w…