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Aubree's Dance Studio and Candy Shoppe

Yes, I added the fancy ending on the word, "Shoppe." I feel like it looks cuter that way.

I love my sweet, sweet Aubree girl. Even in the midst of emotional roller coasters and pre-teen outbursts, she makes my days happy. I am so grateful to have her as my daughter.

Aubree (11) is very creative, and has an entrepreneur spirit about her, which thrills me and kills me, all at the same time. I will explain...

Imagine my surprise when, as a 7 year old, Aubree and her little friend decided to run a neighborhood carnival. The mom's thought the hours of planning throughout the summer would fizzle just in time for school to start, but oh no... those girls were determined to have a neighborhood carnival. We finally supported them by helping them make invitations and setting aside an evening for the big event. Lo and behold, they had quite a turn-out -- so many nice neighbors who were willing to spend their allowance playing Ring Toss, getting their faces painted, and shooting hoo…

Catching the Tooth Fairy

We have had trouble with the Tooth Fairy in the past.

Apparently Marcus (7) set out to prove to everyone that the Tooth Fairy is not real. I only found out about this the other day when he proudly exclaimed, "Mom, I know the Tooth Fairy is not real."

"Oh really?" I replied. "Why is that?"

Marcus said, "Because I did an experiment. I lost a tooth a few weeks ago and I didn't tell you or Dad about it. I wanted to see if the Tooth Fairy would really come without you knowing about it."

"Well that's too bad," I said. "I bet you didn't get any money under your pillow, huh?"

Marcus shook his head, thrilled because he thought he had caught us.

I continued, "I bet that Tooth Fairy stood outside all night. We have to be the ones to let her in the house, you know. Especially with the alarm system set. What a bummer!"

"Hmmm..." is all he said.