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Crazy Old Lady

We just got back from a fun road trip up to Mount Rushmore and to see some of the Mormon pioneer sites in Nebraska and Wyoming.

Caleb, my 5 year old, is a total goof ball. He is just funny and goofy -- always making faces and saying funny things. We are driving along through Wyoming when I turned around and offered some snacks to the kids. When I offered some to Caleb he said, "No thanks, you crazy old lady."

I wanted to laugh, because it was such a random comment, but seeing how I really should teach my kids to be respectful, I turned to him, pointed my finger and said, "You do NOT talk to me like that. That is disrespectful." (During my speech, I might add, Matt was in the front seat driving and laughing his head off. Luckily he did it quietly so the kids couldn't see.)

Anyway, cute Aubree, always the diplomat, turned to Caleb and said, "Plus, she's not crazy. She's not even old, either." (Thank you, Aubree.)

So Caleb turned to her and said,…