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Dates with the Kids

One of the best things Matt and I have started recently is individual dates with our kids. Two nights each month, we split up and take one of the kids out for a date of their choice. We have a budget of $20 for each couple. (Thank goodness, or those kids would be spending into oblivion!)

The first date night Matt took Caleb and I took Tyler. Caleb opted for dinner at Wendy's, renting a Red Box (he wanted to go to a movie, but they didn't have the budget for it), and picking up ice cream at Leatherby's to eat during the movie. They stayed under their $20 budget.

Tyler and I went to In-and-Out Burger and then to a movie (I had two movie passes for $5 each.). We had a couple of bucks left to buy a box of Skittles for the movie.

The next weekend was Aubree and Marc's turn. I took Aubree to Zupas for dinner (that ate most of our budget), and then she decided to go visit Grandma Julie and take her with us to Leatherby's for dessert. Luckily, Aubree had a $5 Leatherby'…