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Aubree's Brain Tumor

Excerpts from my journal in 2006...

In November 1997 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that we named Aubree Nicole. I felt so much love that Heavenly Father entrusted me with this little angel. Aubree was born perfectly healthy and we were thrilled to have this baby girl in our home. One of the things that her daddy said in her baby blessing was, “You will overcome and endure hardships.” I didn’t think much of that at the time, as most of us in this life have hardships of one kind or another.

A few weeks before Aubree turned 2, we started noticing some strange things. Her walking became unsteady and she stopped running. Her strength in her arms seemed to be weaker, her speech became slightly slurred, and some of her small motor skills seemed to be lacking. We took her to the pediatrician wondering if she possibly had an inner-ear infection or some other ailment. When he couldn’t find anything wrong with her, he scheduled an MRI a few weeks after. I remember starting to worry that …