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Wendy's Drive Through

The other night we pulled into the Wendy's drive-through after a piano recital...

Matt gave our order -- 2 chicken nuggets, 3 junior bacon cheeseburger -- ketchup only, 4 junior cheeseburgers -- ketchup only, 2 junior hamburgers -- ketchup and mustard only, and 2 value french fries. As you can see, much of this order is specialty made.

As we pulled around to the drive-up window, Matt turned to me and said, "Money?" I said, "None. I didn't bring my purse." He quickly felt in his pocket, hoping a wallet would be there, but alas, he forgot his wallet.

We both started scrounging for change. (Like that would cover our $15 order!) Finally Matt turned to the lady at the window and said, "Can you just cancel our order, please? We didn't bring any money."

We drove away feeling sheepish.

The Maturation Program

Well, today was the day.

It was the 5th grade maturation program. I have fond memories of attending with Tyler two years ago -- I even learned a thing or two.

Aubree gave me the speech beforehand about how she didn't want me to raise my hand and ask any embarrassing questions. She didn't even want me scratching my nose, in case the speaker thought I had a question. I complied.

I remember my elementary school maturation program. I remember giving my mom the same speech. I also remembering saying at the end of the program, "They have brownies? How are we supposed to have an appetite to eat brownies after this thing?" Ha ha!

Ah, growing up is hard to do. That's for sure!

Matt's Look-Alike

Today at church I was standing outside a Primary class. A 6-year-old boy saw Matt walking down the hall and hollered, "Hey! I saw you on T.V." I asked him where he saw Matt on T.V. and he said, "On Mrs. Poppins."

"Do you mean Mary Poppins?" I asked. Then I asked him if he was the guy who was dancing around like a penguin.

"Yeah, that was him," the boy excitedly replied.

Matt rolled his eyes and said, "Oh great, I'm Dick Van Dyke."

I can see a bit of a resemblance.
All I can say is, "It's a jolly holiday with you, Matt..."