My Dearest Aubree...

My dearest Aubree,

You'll never know how emotional your 6th grade promotion was for me. My heart swelled with pride, gratitude and love.

When you were in the hospital as a 2 year old, I remember wondering if you would ever make it through elementary school. We didn't know how long we would have you with us.

Then there were times that we wondered if you would have the mental capacity to be in a regular school, to be able to read like a normal child. We didn't know if you would ever re-learn how to walk again... to run and climb like a child should.

Your determination and motivation proved us wrong time and time again.

Although receiving awards for your good grades and citizenship were awesome and impressive, I think my most proud moment was when you received the National Physical Fitness award. I wanted to give you a standing ovation. I wanted to yell and cheer and tell all the parents around me how hard that was for you to accomplish. Instead I sat there quietly with tears running down my cheeks.

I love that you took those fitness tests over and over again to try to score high enough. I love that you ran the mile over and over again during recess to try to do better. Even on the day that I came and ran with you, you were the last person to come in, but you didn't stop. You didn't give up. You didn't turn around and go back. You finished! I know your time wasn't what you wanted to win the Presidential Fitness Award, but you never gave up.

Dad and I worried as we heard about the number of push ups and sit ups you would have to do. We fretted about the shuttle run and how you would pull it off. It was amazing to me that when you put your mind to something, you did it!

So although academics are important, that Fitness award demonstrated something even more important... to never give up. You can do hard things, Aubree! I hope that throughout your life you will always remember that and when the going gets tough, you know that you are tough. You are a hard worker. You are determined and bright. You can do whatever you put your mind to.

I am so proud of you! You and I will forever be bonded because of the things we have gone through together. Years of physical therapy and surgeries have permanently melted our hearts together and I love you so much that it hurts sometimes.

You are an amazing, compassionate, young woman. You have a spiritual maturity that is beyond your years. Your life was spared for an important purpose. Thank you for all that you continue to teach me.

I love you!




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